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About Pop Muzik Record Label

Helping Musical Talent Shine

Established in early 2020, POPMUZIK, the music industries latest global music label, aims to restore the simplicity of joy & happiness to mainstream music. Popular music as described by the noun, “music appealing to the popular taste, including rock and pop and also soul, reggae, rap, and dance music, ”is basically the soundtrack to our lives. We all love to experience that feeling of excitement and happiness when you hear your favourite song on the radio, television or via digital streaming. Music reminds us of the variety of experiences we go through in our lives, music jolts the emotions we relate to those experiences. So much emphasis is now placed on “what type of music we listen to”, to the extent that we need the classification via genre to relate. Punk, Rock, Rap, R’n’B, EMO are modern day tags placed upon the current styles of music, however, to be popular the music we listen to does not need to be so rigidly classified. All styles of music genre are popular if they are what we enjoy listening to. POPMUZIK’s mission is to remove the boundaries of modern music labelling and once again provide music that people love to listen to, dance to, cook to, embrace life with and not need to feel classified or have to explain why they like one particular genre of music. In 2013, CEO Drew was involved in a severe accident that was responsible for breaking the lower half of his cervical spine in three places and was told that he would not walk again, and that Drew would have no use of my right arm. Drew worked hard over the next two years, however in late 2015 the top half of his cervical spine could no longer support the titanium plates and screws that were placed via numerous surgeries to hold up the bottom half of his cervical spine and it collapsed. Six major surgeries later, and a major cervical spine rebuild, endless months of rehabilitation for physical assistance and finally rehab to come off seven years of pain medication. Drew found that he was in a position of acute depression. He had to make a decision, to sit and let the depression take over or to start to fight back. 
Drew decided to fight back and forced himself to start writing music again. Coming from such a deep depression, the best style of music to write was cheerful pop and dance music and that is what he did over the next year until Drew was strong enough physically and mentally to be able to start to record some of the songs that he had written. Drew searched for the perfect studio to record and he hired the most amazing producer and engineer that he could find. Drew decided to record two singles. Everyone was so surprised at how catchy the two singles he wrote were and it was at that stage that he decided that with all of his life experience working in the music industry that he would set up his own label with the goal of “cheering up the world” with music. He is going to release his own album via Pop Muzik Record Label and re-release some of his previous hits on an EP that will be remixed to make them more modern.. Drew has signed several local artists and has begun working and recording with these artist and will start to release more exciting music from them around March and he is looking forward to being able to focus all of his energy on building his new label, local artists, publishing company and video production company.  Drew has an amazing local and international team behind him and an amazing team that work with Drew at the amazing new warehouse head office they have just moved into.  2021 is going to be the year that Pop Muzik takes over the charts !

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